Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Floral is Plural

I remember when belly shirts were the coolest thing during the Britney Spears, teen-age/middle school era. Over time, however, it became less and less acceptable to show some skin and more along the lines of just plain trashy. As long as you have the body, I have always found it completely acceptable to show some skin, but only in a cute "I am an innocent farmer girl, watch me milk my cows" kind of way. Tied up shirts are becoming trendy again anyways! The only thing that matters when wearing short shorts and tied up shirts is that you are doing it in a classy and tasteful way! Live a little, your not going to have soft baby skin forever.

Tights: CVS
Floral Button-up: Thrifted
High Waisted Shorts: Buffulo Exchange
Belt: Retrospect

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Hi-Tops Shirt: The Attic
Belt: Retrospect
Turquoise Skirt: Retrospect
Tights: Urban
Kitty Shoes: T.U.K
Grandpa Sweater: SecondHand

I feel like I have been neglecting these wonderful kitty shoes lately and have only been paying attention to my creepers. I hate when I do that with an article of clothing, or an accessory. It is like I wear it so much until I wear it out (pun intended) and then I refuse to wear them anymore! I vow, right this moment to stop over wearing something, and to give my other shoes in my closet a chance to, because I have a ton of cute shoes that need to see the light of day! Maybe this is why I decided to wear a shirt with shoes on them, to remind myself that I need to stop sticking with one item!!! And also because this shirt is maybe, just maybe, the coolest shirt ever! I mean, come one, HI-TOP sneakers on a SHIRT! Oh the fashion gods really helped me out with this one, especially considering it had such a flattering price tag on it as well!

Monday, March 5, 2012


Although I do not have a great relationship with my mom, the one thing that she was able to hand down to me was some great 90's clothing! Almost half of the clothing in my closet is from my mom. She had great taste growing up. She also had the luxury of being able to experience the 70's and 80's first hand. Fortunately for me, my style floats around the 80's/90's time period, so when money is tight, I am always able to turn to my mom for not only inspiration, but also for some great time pieces that I would HATE to see go to waste! The top that I am wearing is actually no top at all! Believe it or not but it is a vintage Victoria Secret Night Gown that I normally where as a dress. You can't see it in any of these pictures, but it has the most adorable corset-like back, that tights into a sweet, baby bow! Low and behold, I love me some bows! Since I normally wear it as a dress, paired with cute tights and some abnormal sweater I decided to mix and match today and pair it with a velvet skirt, a lace shawl and my handy dandy creepers! Creepers are so versatile, I feel like I can add them to almost just about anything and they would still look great! Victoria Secret, thanks again for adding sex appeal to my wardrobe!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


To all my followers, new and old, thank you all very much, This blog has been up and running now for 2 months and is becoming more and more successful. I want to do so much with this blog, not just for me but for you guys who constantly view it as well! You all are really important to me and it is so much fun to read what you guys have to say. As of now, I have not gotten any criticism regarding my blog. Knock on wood, because knowing my luck I will probably get a ton of people starting to talk rubbish! Either way, I appreciate all forms of critiquing, whether it be good or bad. Also, I have a formspring. I have never really used it much up until now, but I want you guys to know that it is up and running and PLEASE please post on it as much as you want. I want to hear your feed back, and i understand that sometimes you just want to be anonymous. SO here is the link, utilize it and ask away!



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