Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Power Puff Girl

Since spring time is coming, and the past few days in Philadelphia have been over 50 degrees, I celebrated today by not only wearing shorts, but wearing a BRIGHT COLORED SHIRT AS WELL! Oh boy, this is all new for me, considering I am normally dressed head to toe in dark colors. Just take a look into my closet, you will be pretty surprised by its lack of color. This short sleeve shirt that I am wearing is no ordinary shirt, by the way. Not only was it only five dollars at my favorite thrift store, but it is the softest sweater you can ever imagine, and I do mean ever. My skin felt as if it was dancing with the clouds today, it was as if I was still wearing pajamas. But oh wait, I looked good! Plus, it is not only the softest, prettiest pink pastel color but it also has this girly, cute, child-like design on the front that would normally be a big turn-off for me. But for some reason as soon as I locked eyes with this number, I could not resist its charm!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cruel School

This outfit would be perfect for the first day of class. However, I am not in school!! So today I will just be a walking fantasy for perverts everywhere. School girl, Lolita, Curly hair. My god!! Except for the green sweater shirt, I got everything this weekend at my favorite thrift store Retrospect in Philly. I got a bunch more clothes there as well, so in my upcoming post check out all my new clothes! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this lace robe. It is incredibly versatile, and I can wear it with almost anything! Or almost nothing, if I wanna get sexy for bedtime. It is the prettiest lace design, fits me perfectly, and hangs down below my butt so when paired with any shorts, it gives it that slightly sexier look. Okay enough sexy, there are things that need to be done!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Lately my favorite thing to do wth fashion has been to mix time periods. There is something about the perefect amount of mis matching that really sets of an outfit. Today I decided to pair 70's with 80's which made me fel all sorts of funky throughout the day. Plus, this new top has the ultimate collar ever and I just had to wear my hair up in a ball of curls to show off my collar prettyness. Theme of the day: Square dancing in the meadows! Do si do and round and round!

Oh and let us not forget and pay special attention to my new favorite accessories! Frog earings! Clip-ons might I had so when I am feeling really saucy I will add them as cuff links for some spiffy blouse.

Monday, February 6, 2012


FRIENDS! My apologies on the hiatus! Friday was pay day so I have been pretty busy with life lately which has caused me to neglect my baby blog for some time now! Fret not fellow bloggers because I am alive and well with some new clothes and stories to share to all of you! I want to start out my saying that yesterday I went to my first acupuncture appt. ever yesterday and I have a feeling that it is going to be life changing for me! My doctor is this awesome hippie lady and since I am going to a community acupuncture center it is incredibly in expensive! plus, it just doesn't have the same yucky feel as a doctors office that everyone dreads so much. In fact, I have another appt. tomorrow and I am super excited. Okay Simone, enough blabbing there is FASHION TO BE SPOKEN ABOUT! i have been doing a lot of shopping lately, so in this weeks up comming post I will be showing you guys lots of new things I have gotten. I even found a new thrift store I am in love with, but I am going to save that for another day. I stopped by The Attic today which is located on Main Street in Manayunk and although their clothing selection is rather generic, they have the most out of this world vintage jewelery. So of course, I splurged!

If you can't already tell, I have a slight obsession with frogs. Maybe one day I will kiss a frog and instead of the lil guy turning into a prince, he will turn into a magical thrift store that only I am aloud to shop in. I'm selfish, i know, but oh well, every girl can dream! The top two pictures are clip on earings. Each are incredibly original and perfect for everyday wear and can be made to be very versatile. The last picture is actually a pair of pins that can be added to any blouse to make it a tad bit more fun. And you guys already know my obsession with conversational pieces!

Oh, and i can not forget this awesome new blouse I found there! Not only does the color rock, but high-top sneakers? I just do not think I can ask for anything more. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Quick post, quick update, quick read. Cooked dinner the past two nights for me and my boyfriend and have been feeling like such a house wife! Pretty soon I will only be wearing thrifted aprons and smearing flower all over my face. But untill I start changing my style, I will stick to something simple and weather oriented. Because low and behold it is once again, 50's here in this beautiful place that I call philadelphia. In honor of global warming, I am once again rocking shorts! ( And my new favorite pair I might add) While moving I came across this top that I used to love and wear all  the time! I've had this old thing for years but I can not remember the last time I wore it for the life of me! I decided to wear it differently than I used to have worn in and paired it with these high waisted button-up shorts, tights and knee-highs with, of course, my creepers! I was rather happy with the outcome, and I have not had any time to my self today so good quality pictures are just not happening. Welcome to my Mac Photobooth. I cant spend too much more time on this post, my potatoes are boiling and they should be done soon!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I have finally got around to posting the photos of the clothes I am putting up for grabs in the giveaway. Four beautiful pieces, all of which I have gotten throughout the years at some thrift store! At one point all four articles I have worn with love, but in order to prevent over crowding my closet, I am parting ways with pieces of clothing that have brought me many of memories. Hopefully, to whomever wins this silly lil give away, creates many more memories with their new piece of clothing!


Although a size small, this beaded badge top can easily be cut for a cute crop, or worn with high-waisted shorts/pants, or just regular jeans. Be creative, the stitching and colors are incredibly unique!


EEEP! Words can not describe how much I love this top! Red, yellow, green, blue and white floral top with puffy front along with buttons to make sure no boobies are popping out! Size medium, can be worn either tucked in or not tucked in. No matter how this is worn though, you will always be able to keep it classy!


This original floral vest will get many of heads turning! Not only is this a one of a kind piece but you can either wear it over things or alone! Either way, it's fun, quirky and SO 90'S! Size Medium.


Light weight, quarter sleeved, crazy pattern and deep purple. Wear this over any print to add a little bit of fun, to a rather boring and lonely ensemble! Size S/M/L.

Remember, give away ends friday! Scroll down two posts to check out the rules, and get involved. Due to lack of funds and contestants there will only be one winner. I will announce him/her privately through commenting them directly on their page! Thanks guys :)