Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Hi-Tops Shirt: The Attic
Belt: Retrospect
Turquoise Skirt: Retrospect
Tights: Urban
Kitty Shoes: T.U.K
Grandpa Sweater: SecondHand

I feel like I have been neglecting these wonderful kitty shoes lately and have only been paying attention to my creepers. I hate when I do that with an article of clothing, or an accessory. It is like I wear it so much until I wear it out (pun intended) and then I refuse to wear them anymore! I vow, right this moment to stop over wearing something, and to give my other shoes in my closet a chance to, because I have a ton of cute shoes that need to see the light of day! Maybe this is why I decided to wear a shirt with shoes on them, to remind myself that I need to stop sticking with one item!!! And also because this shirt is maybe, just maybe, the coolest shirt ever! I mean, come one, HI-TOP sneakers on a SHIRT! Oh the fashion gods really helped me out with this one, especially considering it had such a flattering price tag on it as well!


  1. That outfit is amazing and that shirt and those shoes are WOW!!!

  2. your hair is SO amazing and i love your style :)

  3. Omg I love your hair and your shirt is really pretty!!!!

  4. oh my GODDDD, that SHIRT. best thing ever xx

  5. I've nominated you for a versatile blog award, you have an amazing blog.

  6. Those shoes are AMAZING! i love your sense of style, how its so individual. I am honestly so sick of reading blog where all the girls dress the same! it gets so boring!
    Cant wait to read future posts.