Thursday, February 2, 2012


Quick post, quick update, quick read. Cooked dinner the past two nights for me and my boyfriend and have been feeling like such a house wife! Pretty soon I will only be wearing thrifted aprons and smearing flower all over my face. But untill I start changing my style, I will stick to something simple and weather oriented. Because low and behold it is once again, 50's here in this beautiful place that I call philadelphia. In honor of global warming, I am once again rocking shorts! ( And my new favorite pair I might add) While moving I came across this top that I used to love and wear all  the time! I've had this old thing for years but I can not remember the last time I wore it for the life of me! I decided to wear it differently than I used to have worn in and paired it with these high waisted button-up shorts, tights and knee-highs with, of course, my creepers! I was rather happy with the outcome, and I have not had any time to my self today so good quality pictures are just not happening. Welcome to my Mac Photobooth. I cant spend too much more time on this post, my potatoes are boiling and they should be done soon!


  1. I love this outfit so much and I have never seen a tops like that before. You rock!!!

  2. Bellissimo blog!sono fantastici i tuoi capelli e il tuo outfit :)
    Se vuoi passa da me!

  3. Amazing hair and style!!! funny your friend behind!!!
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    xoxo Marika

  4. love your shorts and hair.xx

  5. Nice outfit! Love the creepers!!

    Thanks for the follow btw just followed back ;)

  6. Nice:)