Monday, February 6, 2012


FRIENDS! My apologies on the hiatus! Friday was pay day so I have been pretty busy with life lately which has caused me to neglect my baby blog for some time now! Fret not fellow bloggers because I am alive and well with some new clothes and stories to share to all of you! I want to start out my saying that yesterday I went to my first acupuncture appt. ever yesterday and I have a feeling that it is going to be life changing for me! My doctor is this awesome hippie lady and since I am going to a community acupuncture center it is incredibly in expensive! plus, it just doesn't have the same yucky feel as a doctors office that everyone dreads so much. In fact, I have another appt. tomorrow and I am super excited. Okay Simone, enough blabbing there is FASHION TO BE SPOKEN ABOUT! i have been doing a lot of shopping lately, so in this weeks up comming post I will be showing you guys lots of new things I have gotten. I even found a new thrift store I am in love with, but I am going to save that for another day. I stopped by The Attic today which is located on Main Street in Manayunk and although their clothing selection is rather generic, they have the most out of this world vintage jewelery. So of course, I splurged!

If you can't already tell, I have a slight obsession with frogs. Maybe one day I will kiss a frog and instead of the lil guy turning into a prince, he will turn into a magical thrift store that only I am aloud to shop in. I'm selfish, i know, but oh well, every girl can dream! The top two pictures are clip on earings. Each are incredibly original and perfect for everyday wear and can be made to be very versatile. The last picture is actually a pair of pins that can be added to any blouse to make it a tad bit more fun. And you guys already know my obsession with conversational pieces!

Oh, and i can not forget this awesome new blouse I found there! Not only does the color rock, but high-top sneakers? I just do not think I can ask for anything more. 


  1. Those are cool!!! I would love to go to that shop, looks like you have grabbed some bargains.

  2. i want that earings and pins!!
    i'm obsessed with frogs too! unbelievable :)