Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Power Puff Girl

Since spring time is coming, and the past few days in Philadelphia have been over 50 degrees, I celebrated today by not only wearing shorts, but wearing a BRIGHT COLORED SHIRT AS WELL! Oh boy, this is all new for me, considering I am normally dressed head to toe in dark colors. Just take a look into my closet, you will be pretty surprised by its lack of color. This short sleeve shirt that I am wearing is no ordinary shirt, by the way. Not only was it only five dollars at my favorite thrift store, but it is the softest sweater you can ever imagine, and I do mean ever. My skin felt as if it was dancing with the clouds today, it was as if I was still wearing pajamas. But oh wait, I looked good! Plus, it is not only the softest, prettiest pink pastel color but it also has this girly, cute, child-like design on the front that would normally be a big turn-off for me. But for some reason as soon as I locked eyes with this number, I could not resist its charm!