Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cruel School

This outfit would be perfect for the first day of class. However, I am not in school!! So today I will just be a walking fantasy for perverts everywhere. School girl, Lolita, Curly hair. My god!! Except for the green sweater shirt, I got everything this weekend at my favorite thrift store Retrospect in Philly. I got a bunch more clothes there as well, so in my upcoming post check out all my new clothes! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this lace robe. It is incredibly versatile, and I can wear it with almost anything! Or almost nothing, if I wanna get sexy for bedtime. It is the prettiest lace design, fits me perfectly, and hangs down below my butt so when paired with any shorts, it gives it that slightly sexier look. Okay enough sexy, there are things that need to be done!!!


  1. Wicked outfit, love the lace top and those shoes are wicked

  2. wow! love the tights and the skirt!

  3. love the pantyhose, sheer/lace part of the top and the skirt!

  4. Great Outfit! The skirt is awesome and i love your tights! Oh my gosh your hairs are gorgoeus!

    Hope you visit me on my Blog

  5. girl, you've hair like my mom when she was little girl :)