Saturday, January 28, 2012

80's Girl in a 2012 World

If you have not already been able to notice, I love the 80's! Not only would my hair fit perfectly within that time period, but my style never strays away from one simple theme: 80's culture. One of my favorite stores in Philly; Retrospect, is great because it looks as if someones 80yr old grandma threw up and out came all her old clothes from her fabulous closet. Not only is Retrospect a magical land filled with old vintage goodies, but it is also color coordinated. COLOR COORDINATED! Do you know how much easier that makes my life? Although my outfit that I wore today is not actually from Retrospect, I always keep it in mind when getting ready in the morning!

Blouse; Buffulo Exchange
Shorts: Buffulo Exchange
Tights: Urban
Creepers: ASK ME

I am doing a ton of packing today because tomorrow I will be moving. FUN! Although I love the new house I will be moving into, the idea of moving freaks me out considering I have moved about five times in the past year. Talk about a mind fucking head ache. Its almost three and I have not even STARTED to clean my room let alone pack all my shit up. Living in my parents house for the first 18 yrs of my life, we never moved, anywhere. Now, for the past 5 yrs I have been on my own I can not stick to one house or place.


  1. I still fun of 80's outfit. sometimes you can also put it together in new way style. anyway, you look fabulous of you short and shirt good combination color..

    take care..

  2. Your hair! I love it!

    And where did you get the creepers? :)

  3. Nice outfit !! Your hair is AMAZIING really !! :)