Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blue Velvet

I just can not think of a better title for this post, even though I am pretty sure  I have read at least ten blogs who have at one point or another used my title as one of their blog titles, oops oh well, deal with my unoriginality. Today I wore an entirely new outfit, and loved it. Probably one of my favorite outfits in a while. It was classy, but I never strayed away from my vintage style. Once again, sorry for my picture quality, I am working on saving for a nicer camera or at least trying to find my cord to my cannon point and shoot. This blouse that I am wearing is awesome! Not only do the buttons have their own unique style going on, but the shirt is a sheer blue with tiny stripes up and down with a black and gray shine to it! I am already imagining all the creative and wonderful things I can do with this. To top it off, this weekend when I was browsing Retrospect, I cam across this fabulous velvet long skirt that I am wearing. SO SOFT I TELL YOU IT IS SO SOFT! Also, wore my brand new creepers for the first time today with it so I basically just felt like a star! ( Get it, my creepers actually have stars on them. Wow, please, excuse my lame-ness)

Blouse/Skirt/Belt: Retrospect
Garter Tights: Urban
Creepers: Amazon

Please, don't mind all my hair. It is all natural by the way, and although sometimes I just can not stand dealing with it, my relationship with my hair is normally pretty good. Plus, I have to admit, it is extremely rare to find someone with the same extent of curls as mine. BTW my blog is only 4 days old but people are already commenting on it and I just want to say THANKS! A WHOLE LOT! I am pretty new to the blogging world, and I just really can not thank you guys enough. Feedback is always awesome!


  1. oh my god. love that velvet skirt.

  2. ah your pictures are so hot! coolest creepers. x

  3. your shoes so unique. I like the blue top

  4. I love your hair so much, love the creepers x