Monday, January 23, 2012

Doc Marten refilled my prescription today

Today I opened up my closet, and through the piles of underwear, shorts, frilly socks and oversized sweaters I saw these gold laces staring out. It's the return of the docs, or better yet, my realization that I should have never retired them. Through all we had been through I still can not fathom how, or even why I had stopped wearing one of the most comfortable pair of shoes my feet have ever felt. Today is a new beginning, for me myself and my Docs! Winter, I fear you no more!

Although Philadelphia is not usually known for its warm weather, we have been relatively lucky with warm weather. I mean, come one, since when do East Coast people get to wear shorts in January, unless you live down south? Aside from the little bit of snow that everyone is freaking out about, and the few rainy days that has come our way I am incredibly grateful for these temperatures these past days.

Oversized Sweater: Retrospect Thrift Store
Stockings/Knee Highs: Local CVS
Gray High-waisted shorts: Urban Sale
Green Sweater: Urban
Faux Fur Jacket: Burlington Coat Factory

This is my first blog post and I am really excited to not only expose my personal style to others (hopefully) but also to keep track of my style to see how it changes over the months, days, yrs, yadayada!

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