Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kitty Creepin!MEOW

My life just got a thousand times better. I have ben waiting for this day for the past three weeks since I palced an order on amazon! Day in and day out I sat next to the door, waiting for the arrical of the Postman who would come baring gifts. But not just any gifts, the two greatest gifts I could have ever asked for. Creepers and KittyCat Mary-Jane's! Not only can I know stomp around philly in style ( yes, i used the word stomp) but I am now a good three inches taller, which makes me happy, considering I am this tiny 5'2 little girl, with a whole lot of curly, fluffy hair.

Don't mind my mess of a self today, I did not want to get out of bed today which resulted in messy hair, and peachy-colored sweater from one of my favorite thrift stores. The good news: I FOUND A NEW THRIFT STORE IN PHILY!!! Well, it's not so much new....For months I have been hearing talk of this amazing warehouse that was this secret dive for all these wonderful time pieces, but for the life of me I could never come across the location or the days it was open. Thankfully, the fashion gods introduced me to this wonderful dood Triston today, who told me all about this secret wonderland. Pay-day can not come soon enough! I need me some more thrifting!

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  1. lol cute. I like the kitten ones. Thanks for following my blog! i'm also following yours!